Six Ways to Keep the Staff Motivated Throughout Your Office Move to Austin

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Office MovingAt some point in the life cycle of your business you are likely to move your workplace. A commercial relocation is frequently as stressful for you and also your personnel as a household goods move, only much more for you because you're accountable for your team's well-being, too. Below are 6 ways to keep your crew focused and engaged during your office move to Austin.

Open Discussion

Be as straightforward and clear as possible with your employees. Tell them the causes for the move--expansion, less expensive office space, or perhaps the need to be closer to infrastructure like railways or airports--and more importantly, make the move public as early as possible. When your move is caused by downsizing, reassure your remaining staff that the move is component to a constructive reorientating. Prepare a pre-move schedule along with important dates--any task deadlines, the days you'll be moving, the times that you'll be packing and loading. The greater details you present, the better your crew will be able to manage their duties through to the move day. If something varies in your agenda, spread the word.

Call for Suggestions

Once you've opted to make a move, collect feedback from your team--a wish list, if you will--about the location and the sort of office space they'd like. If you can, incorporate your staff in the decision making--these are the folks who got you where you are, hence their feedback and suggestions ought to matter.

Address Drive Times, Transportation, and Parking

Every business is different, however there are a few constants across the board for example--everyone must commute to work. If you are in a small town, a move isn't such a big deal concerning stuff like parking garages, public transport, as well as traffic patterns as they generally aren't a difficulty. If those are issues to your workers, you should consider how they impact their potential to get to and from the office in a reasonable time, and how and where they park if you are in an downtown space where parking is at a premium. Think about everyone's new drive and time, and if it's possible, offer to help with transportation cost or parking charges. Be open to adjustable hours or work-from-home days for your workers who face lengthy commutes.

Supply Information on Child Care in Austin

Research day care and after school care around the new office and offer to help cover any application fees for associates who need to make a change in day care.

Define Targets, Yet Have Some Fun

It is easy to get caught up in the anxiety and adrenaline rush--to the point that not much work is completed in the days preceeding the office move to Austin. Particularly when your move is long-distance, it's simple to overlook the work at hand if you are looking for a new place to live and marketing your old residence and researching school choices and uprooting families. There'll be turmoil and anxiety, hence allow your staff some flexibility--but be ready to gently steer any strays back on course should they start to slip.

Human nature being how it is, there will be some low spirits and nervousness in the days approaching the move. Once more, if your move is cross country this could be far more apparent, so offer incentives for staying on target and productive. Plan packing parties or get-togethers for families on the weekends.

Provide an Information Folder on Austin

Even in this digital era, an info packet is a fantastic thing to get. The depth of this package is dependent upon the scale of the move--if it's local then chances are you will not need to investigate schools and neighborhoods. For a transfer which involves moving homes in addition to the business, there will be the items you will have to cover, for example: neighborhoods, school choices, daycare, places of worship, hospitals/health care, local retail stores (grocery, pharmacy, shopping), eateries, vets, fitness centers and after school programs.

Similar to any move, a commercial relocation to Austin will likely be hectic. By using these simple suggestions, it is possible to ease some of that stress and make certain it's a positive encounter that leads to increased employee retention, so that you can hit the ground in good shape the initial day at the new workplace.

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