5 Tips for Avoiding Property Damage When Moving Out in Austin

Moving to a new homeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

The big day has at last arrived, and you're ready to move. The professional movers in Austin have arrived, the dog is barking, and the children are underfoot. It seems like disorder however through it all, you discover that the couch coming up the stairway has bumped on the wall breaking a large hole as well as kitchen floors really are a mess. The last thing you need to be concerned with is whether or not you'll get the security deposit back should you be renting or if you will be required to obtain a crew to patch the wall surfaces or remedy the floors before moving on. To help stay away from scenarios like these, here are 5 tips for averting property damage when moving out.

Get ready High Traffic Zones

When you think about your move, check out the sections of your house that may end up being high traffic zones. If the main hallway is carpeted, give consideration to placing down old mats or floor coverings to help protect the rugs and avoid the expense of deep cleaning the carpets and rugs once you get ready to leave. If the halls are wood flooring, you may want to give consideration to taping down cardboard to help preserve the floors. If moving day brings with it lots of rain or lousy climatic conditions, to circumvent tracking in mud, a plastic-type material sheet is most likely the more sensible choice.

Assess the Doorways

For those who have larger furnishings, you'll want to assess your doorways to figure out if your bigger things will adequately fit. This seems like a no brainer but if you have carried out remodeling to your residence that may affect the dimensions of your entryways or hallways or if you put together a few of your bigger home furnishings once they entered the residence, you might have challenges removing them. If this is the situation, be positive to snap a picture of the item before disassembling them so that you can readily reassemble the items when they get to their destination.

Safeguard Your Valuable Belongings

In case you have things like coffee tables or night stands which could have sharp corners and edges, protect them with packing materials or cardboard. This not just safeguards your pieces of furniture from destruction but your walls from unintentionally becoming dented as well. Wrap glass and mirrors in towels or old bed linens to ensure that they do not cause damage as they are moved out of the home. Most professional movers in Austin will have these items readily available.

Equipment to Assist with the Move

A few furnishings call for more than one person to lift or even a crew to help direct the item's exit from the residence. Professional moving companies in Austin have several things handy to help make the move easier.

· Moving Dolly. These dollies are ideal for moving sizeable things like beds, chest of drawers and sofas. Movers can simply wheel the piece out from the residence minus the concern of marring hardwood areas and usually with less manpower. Dollies are most often utilized if the residence is one level or when the moving company has access to an elevator.

· Hand cart. Hand carts are upright in character. They're well suited for stacking and moving containers. These carts help make certain that items are not dropped during the move.

· Floor sliders. Floor sliders help move sizeable items like home appliances and furniture over hard floors while protecting the floors. They are sometimes called furniture glides or furniture slides.

Prepare Wall Corners

Corner guards can be attached to high traffic zones to make certain that the wall surfaces stay intact over the move. Corner protectors are available in cardboard, foam, vinyl as well as heavy-duty rubber. You'll want to add them to bedroom wall edges and the wall edges of the residence's entrance.

Many of these items can be furnished by your moving company in Austin, so be certain to ask your professional mover if they will be supplying these things or if you need to add these to your packing supply list of things to have on hand on moving day.


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