What to Expect with Employee Relocation Services

What to Expect with A-1 Freeman Moving Group Employee Relocation Services

A primary concern of ours is to provide you with corporate relocation services that minimize downtime to help keep your operations productive and profitable at every stage of your move. One way we do this – one vital way – is to help with the relocation of your employees. This is why we offer a wide selection of employee relocation services that are unmatched in the industry. And just as practical and proficient as we are in performing your office relocation, we’re equally so in the way we handle employee relocation. Our techniques significantly aid in diminishing the headaches of moving. That keeps your employees focused and, as a result, makes your corporate relocation a satisfying experience for everyone involved.

Our Employee Relocation Process

These are the steps you can depend on us taking:

Corporate Needs Assessment
Our field representatives confer with you up front to gather information on each and every issue impacting your corporate move – including not just what will need moving but also who will need moving. We’ll also examine whatever move policy you’ve instituted to assure that our services comply with its directives. Our purpose in this initial talk or series of talks is to get to know your business, your corporate relocation needs, and your expectations. Taking into account the assessment that we prepare after our discussions with you, we’ll give you a written estimate.

Corporate Profile
This document, which we prepare before we accept your first move, lays out your corporate relocation needs completely. It also makes use of information from our preliminary meetings with you to clearly spell out what you’ve concluded are activities we, A-1 Freeman Moving Group ...
  • are “Always Authorized” to execute,
  • are authorized to “Use Our Discretion” in carrying out,
  • must first “Call for Authorization” before performing, or
  • are “Never Authorized” to execute.
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