Getting Your Documents Together for a Move to Austin

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Documents for MovingMoving either nearby or a fair distance takes a great deal of planning as well as organization, and many folks forget to gather the appropriate files in advance. Here is a quick reference guide for the various valuable papers that you'll need no matter whether moving local or planning for a long-distance move to Austin.

Truth be told, it's not as if you must have a passport and a work visa to move over the state line, however once you've gotten all your life records together to go over the border those are about the only items you won't need. And the way our minds operate, you might anticipate to need this documentation for a cross-country move, but in the event that your move is geographically local--from Memphis just beyond the river to a Mississippi or Arkansas suburb, as an illustration, it can come as a jolt that you'll require all those docs.

Here are documents you'll almost certainly want to keep handy while moving, and approaches to acquire them if they have expired or perhaps you have misplaced them.

Driver's License

Even though driver's licenses are not good for federal identity for much longer, you still must have a active one--you ought to have it at any rate, but if it expired a couple weeks or a long time before and you thought since you're moving why make an effort, go make the effort. When you have to sign in at the airport, reserve a car, open up a bank account, or execute life generally, you have to have a current driver's license to accomplish this. If you are in a state in which you can't get a license from the local Tag Agency same day, inquire about a paper version of the new driver's license to use ahead of the printed version arriving in the mail; this is suitable ID for a period of about three weeks.


If you are moving for a new job, odds are decent that you'll need to verify US citizenship before starting. It is possible to renew it by mail should you fulfill particular guidelines--your name has not changed, your previous one has been issued no greater than fifteen years previously, that you were at least sixteen at that time, along with others--but if not, you'll have to make application for a new one in person. You can apply for an expedited passport if required but expect you'll pay an additional $60 or so.

Birth Certificate(s)

You'll need a copy for everybody in your household for your move to Austin. If you cannot place your hands upon them and you are now living in the area or parish where they happened to be distributed, an easy visit to the county offices will handle it. If perhaps you were born somewhere else, obtain the reproduction through that place. Every location differs, therefore consider an online search pertaining to the county records where you were born to find the precise instructions to obtain a certified copy of your birth record. There is generally a moderate charge involved.

Marriage License

Should you need a reproduction, adhere to the exact same procedure you would with the birth certificate. A household Bible or certificate from your church is not an acceptable legal document.

Social Security Card(s)

Everyone in your household needs a social security number as well as a card; if you can't put your hands on the cards you'll need to get replacements without delay. You can start the process online, and send in the supporting files, or alternatively you could go to the nearest Social Security Administration office with your documents. Copies--even notarized ones--are not adequate. You need to have picture identification as well as evidence of citizenship, so take a current driver's license or passport, school, employee, or military identification card, or a health insurance card.

Vehicle Registration

You're going to have to register your motor vehicles in the new community and state, consequently bring your current registration cards and evidence of insurance coverage to the nearby motor vehicles office as soon as possible following your move to Austin. In a new state you will get a new license plate and tag; in case your move was within the same state your current license plate and tag are good, however your insurance premiums may change.

Health and Shot Files

If you have young ones, their new schools will have to have verification of immunization prior to enrollment. Having copies of the many household healthcare records helps when you have initial consultations with new doctors.

Assemble all your documents together as swiftly as you can in front of your move to Austin and keep them together. Considering that you need to have original copies of the majority of things, simply place all the things inside a file folder and keep it in hand or in a safe location over the actual move--this is something you don't want to misplace.

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