How to Protect Your Floors During a Move

Protect Your Floors when MovingBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Regardless if you are selling your home to new buyers or locking in your security down payment, it is advisable to safeguard your floor surfaces throughout the moving process. You may have taken care of your floors correctly for many years, however move-out day is among the most likely times for new damage to take place. Home furniture scuff marks and also grit ground in by heavy footsteps is usually a substantial issue. And the thing you don't want to deal with while moving is last-minute carpet cleaning or floor repair service.

Luckily, there are some trustworthy methods to help keep your flooring safe during the move-out and subsequent move-in activity. With a few basic steps, you can keep your floors clear of scuff marks, grime, and unattractive stains on moving day in Austin.

Previous to Moving Day:

In your organizing for moving day in Austin, you will make your mission less difficult by planning several things ahead of time.

Set Aside Floor Covering Materials

While you're packing, reserve supplies which can be used as household furniture pads or floor covers along the way. Any area rugs, welcome mats, or plastic flooring mats you've got are very valuable right now. You can even use tarps, towels, or old blankets. And in many places, flattened strong cardboard is usually a decent floor protecting solution.

What you don't use on the floor surfaces, you can wrap around furniture pieces to circumvent wall scuffs and cushion carrying holds.

· Area rugs & Doormats

· Plastic Tarps

· Bath towels

· Old Throw-Away Blankets

· Sturdy Flattened Cardboard

Felt Patches on All Furniture Feet

With or without a professional moving company in Austin, various furniture is going to scoot. Moving day is rife with shifting, toting, sliding, and bumping into household furniture. Even professional movers cannot avert 100% of furniture sliding on the floor. Hence, your best bet is to invest in a pack of felt furniture pads. Dedicate a short time before the move sticking circular pads to the feet of all your furniture, and whatever else challenging and hefty (such as computers, kitchen appliances, or weights) which could have to slide on the floor.

Get Flooring 100% Tidy

This is very important. On the evening or morning prior to moving, clean the floor completely. Grime on the carpet may be crushed in on moving day, even under rugs and doormats. Hard dirt, stones, or lost objects on wooden or even tile floors could cause scuff marks beneath heavy steps or moved household furniture. In fact, grime is half the reason floors have a tendency to get damaged on moving day. Therefore clean utilizing whatever supplies you can in this order. Subsequently put down floor coverings.

Real Wood / Ceramic tile Floor:

· Sweep

· Vacuum

· Mop

· Swiffer/Microfiber


· Declutter

· Vacuum

· Steam Clean

On Moving Day:

Just before the first box is carried across the house, you need to put together a couple of items to protect your floor.

Floor Mats at All Entrances/Exits

Put heavy-duty floor mats on both sides of each entrance/exit which will be used to carry boxes or furniture pieces. This is particularly vital when there is mud, snow, or salted pathways outside. Be sure to ask everybody to wipe their feet constantly whenever they go across a threshold.

Cover Main Floor Walkways

Take into account the place that the most traffic will go back and forth from in your house. Place your sturdiest floor mats down these pathways to lessen the impact of heavy steps and set-down furniture on the floor surfaces. If you're moving devoid of professional movers, consider methods to move furniture without scooting it along the floor, if possible.

Make use of Hand Trucks and Dollies

When you're getting drained when moving furniture, you put it down more regularly and it becomes tempting to push it across the flooring. Which, needless to say, is bad for the floor. Purchase hand trucks and/or dollies to let you roll hefty boxes and furniture pieces to and from the moving truck.

Organize Indoor/Outdoor Groupings

For those who have enough people, make an attempt at coordinating a hand-off at the doorway. In this way, outside-shoes do not come on the inside and people moving around indoors do not get outdoor grit on their shoes. Quite simply, pass boxes and furniture like a bucket-brigade chain.

Through the Day:

Then throughout moving day, you will want to keep up with your floor care to make sure that floor surfaces are always safeguarded. Include techniques for clearing small sized off-path rooms and last-minute changes.

Sweep Walkways

Your secured walkways will work to keep dirt, mud, and salt off your bare floors, but only for so long. Quick sweeps of the pathways out through doors or into dustpans might significantly enhance their overall performance during the day.

Utilize Backup Floor Coverings

Keep close track of home furniture movements and walking paths. Expect to wrap an item of furniture or lay out some backup floor coverings at any time. Being versatile is amongst the keys to keeping your floors fully safe on moving day.

When It's Done:

Finally, you can affirm your good results or handle the few little scuffs by conducting a floor wrap-up when everything is loaded inside the moving van.

Clean Flooring Once again

Do one more complete cleaning of the flooring surfaces. Make them shining and thoroughly devoid of dirt. In this way, you can feel safe regarding the condition they were left in. Take pictures and save them for your files.


Conduct a closing evaluation of the floor. This is your opportunity to do touch-ups ahead of the final hand-off.


Keeping the flooring safe during a move just requires a little planning as well as focus. Don't allow household furniture push without having felt pads. Try to prevent debris from outside making its way in. It is as fundamental as that. Remember if you're hiring professional movers in Austin, they'll likely keep up with the floor protection therefore it is one less thing for you to concern yourself with. For more smart moving day tips, contact us today or check out more of our blog!


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