Moving a Flat Screen Television to Austin

moving a flat screen TVBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Let's be honest. Quite a few items are much easier to move than others. If you consider things which are really a pain to move, generally massive, cumbersome stuff like that reclining chair or the fridge come to mind. Flat screen TVs are not generally weighty, but they do take a little distinct attention to be able to remain safe and unscathed while moving. No matter if you're moving yourself or employing a professional moving company in Austin to help, there are a few things that you want to take note of if moving your flat screen TV. 

Prep Work

Before making any movements toward packing up the television, take a few quick pictures of the various cords and cables to ensure you have a visual blueprint when you're hooking everything back up once you arrive at your new house. Subsequently, meticulously remove all wires and cables. Coil them up and secure them with a twist tie or rubber band and pack them into a box. As well, make sure you label the carton. If the TV includes a base or wall bracket, remove that too. These items can be loaded into the same TV equipment box as the cords. Be sure and place all screws straight into baggies and again, label them. There's no need to have to assume which screws go to which items as you are reassembling everything at your destination, and considering the mayhem that generally arises around moving day, don't rely exclusively on your mind in relation to ensuring everything gets put together again as it was before. And, as long as you're on it, place all remote controls in this carton, also. 


With any kind of good luck, you had moving day in your mind as you purchased your flat screen TV, and for that reason, you stored the original TV package and inserts. Nevertheless, if you're like many people, you didn't want a massive useless carton filling up your garage area or attic, so you disposed of it (ideally via recycling). In the event the later is the case, you can purchase a carton and corner covers from your moving supply store or from the local moving company. Be sure to buy a box which is adequate to fit around the TV with some excess space for extra padding. Wrap the television with care in a few moving pads, put the corner protectors on and put it inside the carton. 


The most secure strategy to move your flat screen Television will be to ensure that it stays upright. In order to ensure that it stays in the appropriate position inside the moving truck, secure it next to a mattress or something solid, such as a dresser or bookcase. Be sure and keep the carton of cords and accessories near by for quicker unpacking.

When you arrive to your new home, reverse the procedure and before you know it, your flat screen Television will be ready to broadcast the latest animated motion picture or big game.

And, if all this sounds extremely mind boggling to take on yourself, give A-1 Freeman Moving Group or perhaps your local moving company in Austin a call. They are ready to help make sure that your flat screen Television comes to your destination unharmed.


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