Prepare your New Home in Austin for Summer

Moving to a New Home in Summer4 Ways to Get Your New Home in Austin Primed for Hot Weather

Long, sweltering weeks are just around the corner, and you should make sure your home is prepared to handle the heat. If you have recently moved or will be moving soon to Austin, you may not have yet contemplated how your residence will manage over the summer.

You will definitely benefit by getting your new home ready for warm times ahead, and there are a few tasks you start on now that should help to make the change in seasons a smooth one. Continue reading for 4 ways to get your new abode prepared for summer in Austin.

Seal Windows and Doors

A lot of homeowners realize that windows and doors readily allow air conditioned air to escape, if they are not well sealed at the edges. But, the problem could be greater than you believe, since around 33% of your home's cooled air can be lost through leakage in these exposed areas.

That's why you must take a minute to evaluate windows and doors to ensure they are satisfactorily sealed to protect from air loss. Weather-stripping must be given the once-over and replaced if it is hard, crumbling or cracked. For areas where weather-stripping is difficult to install, silicone caulk can offer protection against leaks.

Also, make sure to plug larger gaps with expanding foam. Available in easy-to-use spray cans, expanding foam will offer the utmost protection for wide-open areas around doors and windows.

Perform an Air Conditioning System Tune-Up

Your new residence's A/C system will probably be heavily utilized over the summer months, so you should be positive it is competent to handle the load placed upon it. That is why you will want to get in touch with a professional to perform a thorough system inspection and tune-up.

Definitely, you need to be sure that your air conditioner's heat-transferring components, the evaporator and condenser, are very clean. Dust, dirt and other debris can prevent an adequate transfer of heat from your house, which makes your system less effective and productive.

Also, make sure that the air filters are replaced routinely during the course of the summer. Clean filters provide better air flow and also avert stress on your system. In the end, the rather small cost you invest in air filters will save you money in lessened energy costs and longer equipment lifespans.

Enhance Attic and Crawlspace Insulation

Insulation is imperative for inhibiting hot air from penetrating your home and for keeping cooled air inside. You will want to check out your attic and crawlspace, if applicable, to make sure these places are well-insulated.

Many heat and air companies provide free insulation inspections, so you will want to consult a professional to hear their recommendation.

Install LED Bulbs and Fixtures

Lots of people do not realize just how much heat an incandescent bulb puts off, but the reality is that only a little over 2% of the energy used by a traditional bulb is in the form of light. That means a residence filled with incandescent bulbs creates a fairly large amount of heat that must be vanquished by an air conditioner amidst summer.

You can greatly decrease this heat load by replacing current incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs. These solid-state devices turn most of the electrical energy to light and emit very little heat relative to older lighting technologies. Not only can you save money on your electric cost, LED lights often will last for a long time and will diminish your need to frequently replace bulbs.

And, if you are getting ready for a move to Austin, A-1 Freeman Moving Group can help get you into that new house that is now totally ready for the hot weather. Click here to learn more.