Take the Stress Out of Long Distance Moving

packing for a moveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

If you are planning a cross-country move, you might be feeling equally psyched and worried simultaneously! A long-distance move to Austin undoubtedly takes a lot of organizing and effort. Thankfully, there are ways that you can decrease your anxiety, and make the move simpler for yourself, as well as your family.

Here are 7 suggestions to keep in mind:

1. Plan!

This is the most important aspect in a positive move - especially a long-distance move. You'll need to be well-organized to ensure that all of your beloved things make it to the final destination, that you get to your new residence at the proper time, and that you have the means to hit the ground running once the move has been accomplished.

2. Downsize

Attempting to transport every one of your existing possessions to your new residence could add lots of tension to your move. It may also add a large amount of pointless expenses.

Instead of working to take all the things with you, compose a list of all the stuff you own that happen to be rarely used. (An effective guideline is: if you have not used it in a year, then you don't really need it.) You can try to sell these possessions before the move, or merely give them away, whether to relatives and buddies or to a good nonprofit.

3. Keep Your Most Important Belongings Near to You

Through the actual move, it's a good idea to pack your most important, prized, and vital items in a separate bag or carton, and keep them nearby at hand in your vehicle, rather than the moving van. These things can include valuable electronics, fragile heirlooms which were passed down throughout the years, or even vital personal things, such as toothbrushes and hair combs. Your moving company in Austin will provide you with a listing of items which need to be transported with you and never on the moving van. Give consideration to this list.

4. Make Travel Preparations Significantly beforehand

Hoping to cobble together travel arrangements at the last second can be a recipe for catastrophe. Whether it is plane tickets, hotel accomodations, or coordinating with a moving company in Austin, always try to nail down all the logistics of your move a minimum of 30 days in advance. That will mean much less stress for you once the big day arrives.

5. Make Sure Your Mover is Insured and Licensed

Moving frauds are an unlucky fact in today's dog-eat-dog world. Steer clear of the danger of getting a questionable mover by questioning regarding the moving company's license beforehand. You can verify on the status of an interstate mover using the FMCSA's website by typing in their U.S. DOT number.

All trustworthy moving companies in Austin will be able to provide you with the correct documentation.

6. Document the Condition of Each Item Before Heading Out

Occasionally, incidents do happen mid-move. Therefore, it is advisable to itemize your belongings, and record every one's actual condition pre-move. (Some individuals take photos of each item as well.) You'll possess strong evidence that the mover was at fault if his/her carelessness or recklessness caused damage to your personal belongings.

7. Check Around

It certainly is recommended that you get estimates from an array of moving companies and review prices. Not only that but burrow into the company's reputation among previous customers as well. Some fact checking and cost comparing can assist you to make the best decision for the big move.

At A-1 Freeman Moving Group in Austin, we provide dependable, high quality service at sensible rates. We understand a long-distance move generally is a real hassle, and we are here to help make it easier. Get in touch with us right now to learn more.


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