When Does Moving Your Appliances to Austin Make Sense?

Moving your appliancesBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

When you watch home buying shows on Television, you frequently hear the question, "Do the kitchen appliances come with it?" If it's a new build construction residence, this certainly seems logical but what if the potential buyers are considering a more established home? In some regions, it is a usual process of bringing your appliances to your new residence while in other parts of the country, it wouldn't even cross your thoughts. Here are some scenarios for which you could contemplate having your moving company in Austin move your home appliances to your new location.

Home appliances are Old and Outdated in Your New Residence

In case you are moving into an older residence, in need of renovation, you could speak with your professional mover about bringing your existing appliances with you. Sometimes, older, outdated kitchens might not have stoves that work to their full capacity or an older washer or clothes dryer may not get the job done much like your current ones do. In these instances, moving your existing ones is a no brainer. While you will possibly not keep these appliances in the long term, it can offer you enough time to research your options and find out which ones you would like to have in your newly renovated place.

Your Present Appliances are Brand New

Sometimes if you are setting up your house to sell, your realtor might suggest buying newer home appliances to help the property display better or you may have had an accident that required you to purchase a new appliance even when you understood you were going to be putting your home for sale in a matter of months. In either case, if you bought a new appliance, and that one is incredibly better than the one set up in your new location, this is usually a time when moving it with you is the best strategy.

You're in Love with Your...

Most of us have been through it. We came across the refrigerator of our fantasies, the one which will make shopping lists for us, or the quiet dishwasher that you may operate whilst the toddler is sleeping? It only took how many years to obtain the appliance you've always dreamt of and now you have to move? Moving to Austin does not necessarily mean that you need to leave that which you love behind. Prior to committing to moving the love of your life with you, make sure that it will fit into the intended place and that the right hook ups are available. There's no use in moving a gas stove along with you when there is no gas line connection in your new residence or the big, gorgeous refrigerator when it doesn't fit. Plan ahead.

Items to keep in mind before making the big move.

· Make sure that all the appliances are unplugged and disconnected from water and gas lines, and the lines are properly capped.

· Clean and dry all your appliances carefully prior to when the professional movers arrive. This step is especially essential if you are planning on storing them ahead of moving into your new property. This may help to circumvent any mold or horrible smells.

· Measure, measure, measure. The worst issue that may take place is you arrange for your new home appliance to come with you and it will not fit when you get there.

Bringing your appliances doesn't need to be a hassle provided that you prepare ahead of time.

A-1 Freeman Moving Group is an seasoned professional moving company in Austin, so leave the heavy lifting of moving your appliances to us. And, if there are home appliances already in place, make sure you schedule a collection by a community donation organization or maybe the appliance is not in proper working order, schedule a large garbage pickup.


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