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August 29, 2023

Is it Raining on Moving Day in Austin?

Moving on a rainy dayBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

You've planned your move carefully. Everything is packed up, the professional movers in [[targetlocaiton]] will be here shortly, and the weather has been clear and full of sunshine for weeks. However on the day of your move, you get up to the gentle pitter-patter of wet weather soaking in your yard and shimmering on the pavement. Bad weather is considered the very last thing you desire when you're preparing for a major moving day. Who likes saturated items, slick sidewalks, and extra mud to handle? Try not to stress! Being a moving company in Austin which has existed for over four decades, we've seen plenty of moving days, rain or shine, and we guarantee you might make it through with minimal moisture and mud as you go along.

Here is how to undertake a rainy moving day in Austin like a professional...

When You See the Rain:

1) Put Aside Cleaning Materials & Bathroom towels

The very first thing you'll want to do is make sure your cleaning supplies and bath towels don't go into the moving truck prematurely. Although your professional movers will lay out floor protection, you'll likely need to mop when the move is over and perhaps during the day if there's enough mud or perhaps tracked-in messes to handle. Thus, have your mop and pail prepared to go and ready to throw last in the moving truck.

Towels are equally ideal for different benefits. Towels will be able to dry off lightly wet items when they get into the moving truck, cover items to survive brief rain exposure, and also mop up floor messes once they happen. Thus, have a handful of bath towels on hand and don't be shy about quick-wash or quick-drying them throughout the day. Contemplate putting down towels proactively over high-traffic paths.

Park the Moving truck Right Up to The Doorway

Then, try everything possible to minimize how long your stuff will be carried underneath the open rainy sky. Covered porches are great for extending your rain-protected walk if you have one. Regardless, you'll want to back the moving truck up as close to your home as you can, considering the ramp length as appropriate. This may minimize the volume of raindrops that could fall down on your things in addition to moving group throughout the day.

2) To Protect Your Things:

Covered Porches and Make-Shift Tarp Roofs

Attempt to set up the maximum amount of cover for your out of doors walking course as is possible. Use covered porches when you can and check out the position for possible inventive usage of tarps. You may well be able to string a tarp from the top of the moving truck to the edge of your porch, however perhaps not. Do not go crazy yet make an effort to minimize the rain-exposed space between your home as well as the truck.

Wrap Furniture & Cartons for Precipitation Exposure

Then, take into consideration exactly how you'll move pieces of furniture and boxes from the door into the moving truck without getting them wet. Tarps are perfect for this, too, however you can also get innovative and employ belongings you currently have. Good sized garbage bags, as an example, will be able to wrap cardboard boxes or perhaps be laid over home furnishings as you go along although have a increased danger of catching air and flying away than a heavy tarp.

Even blankets along with towels can shield your belongings from a few feet of gentle drizzle when you move rapidly.

Plastic Crates to and From the Moving van

Consider buying a couple of good sized plastic bins from your nearby home improvement store. They're very effective for moving smaller things or cartons and can be utilized again and again. Start using a sealed plastic crate like a rain shield, setting items inside, and then emptying the crate inside the moving truck and returning for another covered load. This method might take a bit more time but can keep your items free of moisture.

Towel Everything Off in the Truck

Then when things do make it into the truck, have somebody inside with a stack of towels prepared to dry them off. A quick towel-off might make a significant difference for lightly damp and even plastic-protected items and may also decrease the dampness in the moving truck during the move.

Keep bath towels inside as well to towel off tarps, cartons, and plastic wrap which has carried out the role but got moist at the same time.

3) To Cover Your Flooring:

Floor Mats for Foot Wiping

When there's mud on the transport route, place down heavy-duty floor mats / welcome mats at any entrance being utilized. Urge foot wiping for everyone and be in a position to shake out the mats to employ again halfway through the move. Lay out towels to counteract puddles.

Bucket Brigade Through the Entrance

One fantastic approach to help keep your flooring surfaces clean during a rainy or muddy move is to work in a bucket-brigade fashion. Have one group of people in the house with clean footwear picking up boxes and household furniture to get them to the front entrance door, and the other crew with muddy footwear who take belongings from there to the truck. Use your tiled entryway or even covered porch as the hand-off zone.

Wipe Puddles & Mud Slicks Promptly

Finally, keep those towels and mop-bucket convenient to be able to immediately tidy up any messes which make it indoors. Mud may be put right back outdoors or mopped up and sluiced down a drain and puddles might be soaked up with bath towels. In case your bath towels become excessively wet in the process, throw all of them in the dryer (if it isn't already loaded on the moving van) or identify locations to hang them in rotation.

In the event that all this preparing seems a bit daunting, don't forget, if hiring professional movers in Austin, they will take the worry out of a wet moving day by determining the specifics of everything for you in order to reduce the exposure to your belongings.


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