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March 05, 2022

Think Twice Before Packing and Moving These Items

packing for a moveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving requires plenty of decision-making. You choose precisely what should get packed and the way to pack it. And you additionally decide on exactly what remains behind. Many professional moving companies in Austin build their fees around the weight of the cargo as well as distance traveled for long-distance moves. Therefore, every excess thing you pack, pushes the cost up needlessly. There are numerous strategies to decrease the total you need to move simply by making smart choices during the lead-up.

Old kitchen appliances, bulky pieces of furniture, and items your household will not use anymore can be offloaded ahead of the move itself. Give away your excess, have a yard sale, or advertise the items over the internet. Not sure what things to leave behind? Let's look closer at products to think twice about moving to Austin.

Unused Toys and Play Furniture

Youngsters grow out of playthings and frequently lose interest in past playsets. If there are playthings or perhaps sets of play furniture going seldom used at your house, you can bet another family has a child who'll think it's great. By donating or selling your seldom used toys and games, you reduce your load for moving and present other children the chance to enjoy the toys that your youngsters are done with.

Outgrown or Unworn Outfits

Empty out your closet, and the closets of everyone in the family. What you utilize frequently or seasonally, pack. Whatever you don't put on nowadays (or maybe don't desire to wear) could be left behind. It can be amazing simply how much weight it is possible to offload by just doing away with the seldom used section of each wardrobe in the household. Donate or sell the clothes which the family leaves behind.

Old Home appliances

If your family owns appliances like a washer/dryer or extra fridge, determine if it's worth the effort to take. You could sell it to the home buyer or landlord. You could sell it at a garage sale or to an area appliance retailer. This will save you weight and most likely may prevent a rickety older appliance from breaking on the rough path ahead. You may buy brand new appliances later or free yourself to choose a house that already possesses newer appliances.

Rickety or Ungainly Pieces of furniture

A handful of furniture might be cherished or vital and can certainly come with you. However, not all home furniture falls into that range. Don't have the moving company in Austin move any pieces of furniture that your family would not cherish and can be easily replaced in the new city. Be sure that there is plenty of area in your new home. You can also free your mind from worrying about any pieces of furniture left behind, as it cannot be damaged in the move.

Worn Out Mattress

Mattresses are generally one other good choice for being left behind. Mattresses ought to be changed out roughly each 8 years, depending in the caliber of the mattress. Many of us do not replace our mattress near often enough, and a move is an excellent reason to do that. When you've got a lumpy out of date mattress (or more than one), don't move them to your new residence. Treat yourself to a new layered mattress to inaugurate your new property when you arrive. Actually, there are various manufacturers that will have a mattress delivered on the day you get there so you can sleep on a brand-new fresh mattress in your fresh new abode.

Tough-to-Move Stuff

Last but not least, contemplate items which your moving company in Austin might need to make special arrangements for. Aquariums, larger musical instruments, fragile glass; in case you have a justification to buy new after you arrive, you could save yourself and the professional movers some trouble by making that determination. In case you have a piano of low quality or little or no sentimental value, leave it to a local school or community center rather than moving it.


Packing effectiveness is not necessarily about getting everything in the moving truck. At times, it is about knowing what to leave behind. For additional helpful moving insights or to plan your upcoming moving services, contact A-1 Freeman Moving Group in Austin today!


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The Mickelson Family
The Mickelson Family
Best. Move. Ever!
Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.
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