Choosing the Right Size Home in Austin

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Being a professional moving company in Austin, we move people into just about all sizes of homes daily. Moreover, we realize that there is a massive cultural impression that successful individuals have massive houses - the larger the better. A lot of people imagine a vast mansion with lots of guest rooms and maybe a game room, Olympic swimming pool, and an extensive garden to boot.

This cultural ideal typically points us to search for a house which is "bigger" than our previous house. More bedrooms, bigger spots, additional features. This makes perfect sense if you are moving from a roommate status to a solo apartment, from that apartment to a beginning house, and from the starter house to a more ample 3-4 bedroom. However there after? It is time to ask yourself who will be utilizing the more room - and who's going to be cleaning it.

A Practical Look at the Bigger-Home Mentality

A home should preferably represent the requirements of the residents, as well as the use they put to the house itself. As an example, celebrities have to have those venue-sized houses for hosting their various public events with hundreds - sometimes thousands of guests. Your house probably provides other benefits. It could be your very own studio; it may be home-base to a hive of thriving children.

Eventually, a house is too sizeable for what you can or even would like to use. The bigger-house thinking only works until you arrive at your ideal home size and up-sizing too fast can cause unique troubles. So how do you select a home that feels lavish but isn't too big for you and the family?

Determining Your Perfect-Sized Home

- Family Bedrooms Plus One

What number of bedrooms should your dream-home have? If you're not a celebrity or perhaps the head of a substantial family, you most likely merely need ample bedrooms for the occupants and perhaps one extra. Having a single guest room is fantastic for flexibility and, of course, visitors. A single guest bedroom is easy to keep up without including an entire additional wing to the residence. Should you generally have more guests, consider as well designing one of the areas with a fold-out sofa or perhaps adding bunk or roll-out beds to a bedroom layout.

- All the Stairs You Could Go up

Sweeping staircases and multi-story homes might look elegant, but they're not always convenient. Should you (or other family members) aren't so great on stairs or fatigue quickly, then think about a functional one-story dwelling, apartment, or condominium instead. It is more vital that your house be comfy than that it be tall.

- Practical Living Expenses

At times our eyes are bigger than our stomachs or, regarding residences, our wallets. The desire for a larger home can occasionally lead to unexpectedly increased costs. The expense of warming or cooling a bigger home, for example, could be hundreds additional because of the extra square feet of air to fill. Buying a larger house entails larger property taxes. Take into account that you could be spending your money on more active fun when compared with mere square feet or unused rooms.

- Furnishing a Much Larger House

Up-sizing very quickly may also result in an additional unforeseen expense: pieces of furniture. We rarely realize just how vacant a large home might be if we don't have the furnishings to fill it or exactly how costly new home furnishings may be when obtained at one time. If you want a residence substantially bigger than your current place, make sure to plan for pieces of furniture.

- Energy vs Budget for Maintenance

Finally, think about your own ability and desire to maintain a substantial home. The more space, including outdoor terrace along with landscaping space, will take effort to clean. How much time do you possess? How much energy? How much real desire to expend hours every month cleaning the house, performing small fixes, and manicuring the lawn? An ideal house for you is one that is carefree to upkeep since it is just the right size for your way of life, energy, and desire to clean.

- Expend on Luxury As opposed to Space

Do not be hesitant to indulge. If you want a home which makes you feel fruitful, try luxurious items or fixtures instead. Reward yourself by splurging on a whirlpool spa, an entertainer kitchen, or a well-equipped den. Choose a location with a fantastic area for your home office or maybe hold out for a skylight because that is your dream. If you have excess budget to spend on your next home - ensure it is ideal for you rather than only bigger than the previous.


Is bigger always more desirable when it comes to a fantastic home? Just up to a point. You need enough area to feel spacious, but not enough to get lost in or bogged down by the property. You want a house that feels like home and also enables you to feel successful. Happy house hunting, and when you locate your next fantastic residence, give your local professional movers at A-1 Freeman Moving Group in Austin a call.


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